K.D.P. Mike (Besse)

Location: Denmark

Friday, June 02, 2006

K.D.P. Mike on JPM's Dyno

Today Mike had his 1966 on the Dyno at JPM in Helsingborg Sweden.And his 1776cc with a 110 Engle cam made 110hp and the engine has over 50000KM on it, this is not bad for a dayli driver.Johannes Persson is a very competent person when it comes to test and tune aircooled VW's

Thursday, June 01, 2006

KDP Mike (Besse) Update June 2006

Here we have KDP Mike (Besse) VW 1966 with a few updates for this year.
And the updates is
48Ida Carbs
A set of CB Banditos Heads
CSP Super Competition Stainlessteel
And a set of Orig. Mahle Gasburners